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The FAA has developed the Airman Medical Examiner Assisted Special Issuance (AASI)
process. These protocols cover a variety of common medical conditions that are initially disqualifying.  The
protocols describe the requirements and under what circumstances a certificate may be issued.

CAMI website.  

The AASI is a process that provides the Airman Medical Examiner (AME) the ability to reissue all classes of
airman medical certificate to an applicant with certain disqualifying conditions.  If during an aviation medical
examination it is determined that an airman has one of these diseases or conditions, the AME will do the
exam, and forward the results of the exam and the supporting medical information to the FAA. FAA staff
physicians provide the initial certification decision and grant or deny the authorization.  

The FAA authorization letter is accompanied with instructions that specify what information the applicant must
provide from his/her treating physician(s) for continued certification. When you return for your next FAA
Exam, you must bring the authorization letter in as well as the required medical information, and if the
condition has not changed and you are otherwise qualified, the AME will issue the certificate.   


AASI Pages of the CAMI website

Certification can be accomplished quickly if you have the required supporting documentation when you come
in for your medical examination.   We cannot issue the certificate until we have the information required by
the protocols or AASI Process and you are otherwise qualified. If your particular circumstance needs to be
deferred to the FAA Regional Flight Surgeon or CAMI, a decision is expedited if the supporting
documentation and the AME 's report are sent in together.

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